privacy policy

ZIPANG.ME (we, this site) is in compliance with standards and other guidelines regarding personal information protection laws, run the appropriate protection of personal information and declares that it maintains.

Compliance with laws

We shall comply with all laws and regulations of Japan related to the protection of your personal information.

Collecting and Handling of personal information

We use legal and fair means to obtain personal information and strive to maintain accurate and updated.

Use of Personal Information

Clarifying the intended use of personal information, we use it only for business purposes.

Provision of personal information

Without permission of the pserson, we won't provide personal information to third parties, except for legally exempt.

Disclosure, Revision, Suspension

When you wish for the disclosure, revision or suspension of usage of your personal information, we will comply to your request, following the necessary procedures only upon verification of your identity, except for legally exempt.

Compliance and Education

We shall establish and maintain internal rules and guidelines for protecting personal information. In-house education programs shall be conducted so that employees are acknowledged of its importance.

Safety Management

The personal information we collect from you are stored and protected through necessary and reasonable security measures in order to avoid any leakage, loss, destruction, misuse, alteration or illegal access.

Contact us for personal advice is available at the following.

Izumi-Shi, Midorigaoka 2-15-25
Osaka, JAPAN
Mitsuru Orisaki
Effective June 1, 2010
Revised August 20, 2011

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