terms of service

These rules shall apply when the users and the users use the web site which ZIPANG.ME (we, this site) provides and administrates.

Article 1 - Prohibited matters

  1. Disclosure of personal information, invasion of privacy
  2. Expressions and behavior which induce or promote violation of law, crime, or self-injury such as suicide
  3. Expressions and behavior which are repulsive to others, such as slander, defamation and obscene contents
  4. Expressions and behavior which contain defamation or insults
  5. Infringement of another person's property rights such as copyright and other intellectual property rights
  6. The act of impersonating someone else to falsify card information, deposits and savings accounts.
  7. Expressions and behavior which are offensive to public order and morals
  8. Obstruction of business, advertising
  9. Use of this service for commercial purposes
  10. The act of publishing, disclosing, providing or sending contents aimed at soliciting junk mail, spam, chain letters, or pyramid schemes
  11. The act of causing damage or malfunction to this service's network, software, or hardware connected to this service
  12. The act of using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses through this service or in association with this service.
  13. Expressions and behavior which associate with or promote anti-social powers

Article 2 - About copyrights

  1. The copyright or other intellectual property rights about each content on this site should be belonged to the suppliers of our group or of each content.
  2. The users can’t use copyrighted work provided through this site over the private purpose defined by the copyright law without permission from authors.
  3. The users can’t use, copy sell or publish any information gained by using this site over the private purpose without permission from its author or our group in advance.

Article 3 - Changing of rules

  1. This organization shall be able to amend these rules without prior notices and acceptances to the users and the users. In this case, the usage conditions of this site shall be under the rules after the amendment.
  2. These rules after the amendment shall be effective from the time point when the rules are posted on the web site of this organization.

Article 4 - Changing, Suspension or Abolishment of the service

  1. We can change a part of the content of this site or the whole site and add some contents to it or abolish the site itself without notice to the users or the permission from them in advance.
  2. In order to perform maintenance and keep this site running in good working condition, our company reserves the right to interrupt or shut it down without sending any prior notice to users and without asking for their consent.
  3. We are not responsible at all if the users take losses accordingly.

Article 5 - Management of private information

Article 6 - Compensation for damages

Article 7 - Governing law

Article 8 - Competent court of jurisdiction

  1. Any problem that occurs between users and our company shall be solved through sincere discussions between the users and our company itself.
  2. If the issue is not resolved despite the discussion stipulated in the previous clause, the Osaka District Court will be given the exclusive jurisdiction over the issue.

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Effective on June 1st, 2010
Revised August 20, 2011

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