Reading while cleaning【Sound Source of Reading Books】Pleasant with room clearing ! Book -≫ PDF【】
Not to damage her
cherish her, care for her,
please, treat her right.
From my hand
to your hand.
hold our hand, we are unite.
I will protect you until end of my day.

Light pink flowers blossom continuously.
Without saying a word, I look at you.
I hope you to notice,
and yet I wish you will not.

Full-blossoming flowers
that do not drift away,
the reason they are transient
and strong at the same time,
is that they reflect my longings,
hidden in my heart.
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Vesture of Flowers ( hana goromo )
6,000 USD
Shipping including insurance 60.00 USD

Japanese paintings / height 47cm(18.5")
h 60cm (23.5") case needed

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