Reading for blind people【Sound Source of Reading Books】Pleasant with room clearing ! Book -≫ PDF【】
How do you do? !
Horse is galloping wind up
like the sound of hoof technical skein (you sniff),
The first, and the remnants of its trajectory,
Emitted from the bow sword
and get a full of cash and,
To the target trajectory and the straight
In an instant the mighty intersection.
Then the glitter use the techniques
(because they come), sure.

Close your eyes are not.
Can be joy, sorrow,
Hatred can be love,
It's all in the light of the moment.
change angle/stop auto
Current ( yabusame ) author

3,700 USD
Shipping including insurance 60.00 USD

Acrylic paintings / height 30cm(11.8") case not needed

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